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  • Adaptive Fast Charging Adapter 5V 2A/9V 1.67A for rugged phones, Samsung s6 s7 S8 Plus edge


    An adaptive fast charger suitable for Samsung phones, the AGM M-series, Blackview and Armor series phones. Not suitable for the AGM X2

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  • AGM Charging dock


    1. Small size, easy to carry
    2. With Type-C charging interface
    3. Suitable for AGM Glory G1, H5 or M7 charging (mobile phones sold separately)
    4. Can be used as a phone holder to hold your smartphone at a comfortable reading angle and provide easy access on your desk
    5. Bottom non-slip

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  • AGM series screen protector – tempered glass 9H


    0.26mm 9H Premium Tempered Glass For AGM Toughened protective film This Tempered Glass screen protector is a must-have for anyone prone to constantly dropping their phone. Once fitted it protects your Phone screen from scuffs, scratches, cracks and water.Features>>>– 9H HardnessSuper Hard, even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the tempered …

    AGM series screen protector – tempered glass 9HRead More

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  • All Terrain Outdoor Phone Holster


    They don’t sell these at your local telco shop. Essential all-terrain phone pouch and belt-on carry-pack for everyone working or playing outdoors.In the case of an emergency your phone and other survival gear can be close at hand, strapped to your belt. Don’t go into the outdoors badly equipped. Be prepared. Strap on a waterproof rugged phone with more signal coverage than anything the telcos sell. Take a back-up pocket power-bank with you in case you need to recharge.

    (Product does not include accessories in photos, what you put in the phone holster is over to you)


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  • Blackview BV8000 screen protector – nanofilm 1 pack


    Nano Membrane Screen Protector Specifications: 1.Explosion shatterproof 2.Nano-materials, smooth 3.Super durable 4.Not to hurt the hand 5.HD, 99% light transmission 6.Membrane material:TPU elastic material This is a nano explosion-proof membrane, and not tempered glass film, South Korea materials. Protects sensitive for your Phone’s touch screen Waterproof,explosion-proof & easily cleaned. Protect your phone LCD screen against …

    Blackview BV8000 screen protector – nanofilm 1 packRead More

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  • Blackview headphones


    The Blackview has a deeper headphone socket because of waterproofing, which means it cannot fit ordinary headphones. These are the original Blackview accessory.

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  • Blackview screen protector – tempered glass 9H


    0.26mm 9H Premium Tempered Glass For Blackview BV8000 Pro Screen Protector Toughened protective film This Tempered Glass screen protector is a must-have for anyone prone to constantly dropping their phone. Once fitted it protects your Phone screen from scuffs, scratches, cracks and water. Features>>> – 9H Hardness Super Hard, even sharp objects such as knives and …

    Blackview screen protector – tempered glass 9HRead More

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  • Blackview Smartwatch R3 Pro



    Blackview’s new R3 Pro waterproof smartwatch is designed to be worn 24/7 for continuous heart, exercise and sleep monitoring, with the added functionality of push notifications from apps that you choose on your phone. Read text messages on your watch screen, get Facebook notifications and more.

    The phone app that links the watch can provide easily-shared heart rate data for your doctor to assess.

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  • Blackview USB-C cable – 1m

    Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $46.99.

    This is the official Blackview USB-C connection cable with the longer pin (needed for rugged phones because of their recessed socket).

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  • Blackview wallet case (Blackview) for BV series phones

    They won’t just be talking about your phone – they’ll be wanting a case like yours as well.

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  • Car charger for all phones, dual USB, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, 12v/24v systems, 5v 3A output

    Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $29.99.

    Not all car chargers are created equal, especially when trying to charge high capacity outdoor phone batteries. This unit packs Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology with multiple protections against overload, and delivers up to 3A of charging power to keep your phone on the go. Suitable for 12v and 24v car, truck and boat systems.

    See photos for specs

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  • Charger – Qi wireless fast charger


    Nillkin Original Fast Wireless Charger Qi Charging pad For Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 Edge S6,Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone Xiaomi Mi, Doogee S60 etc

    Output Interface: Type C, Lightning, USB
    Quality Certification: PSE, CCC, FCC, CE, RoHS
    Brand Name: NILLKIN
    Input: 5V/2A
    Power Source: USB, Car Lighter Slot, A.C. Source
    Type: Wireless Charger
    Support Quick Charge Technology: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
    Model Number: wirless charge majic disk 4
    Output: 5V/1A
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  • Covid Smartwatch Q-OPS21 – heart rate, body temp, blood oxygen, blood pressure, message alerts, IP68 water resistant


    The ideal smartwatch in a covid world – even the big brands have not introduced this level of health tech yet. We tested 12 Chinese smartwatch models – only two showed the level of accuracy on the biomed functions that we demanded. The Q-OPS21 is used by Outdoor Phone Store staff. It automatically tracks heartbeat and body temperature, detecting a 39.4 fever in one staffer which was then verified by a thermometer, and also recorded blood pressure figures similar to an Omron reading taken moments later. Wristwatch blood pressure tech is still in its infancy so it’s not medical grade, but it will show you trends up or down once the watch gets to understand your normal. Blood oxygen (SpO2) saturation – one of the key covid early warning tools – is also built in. All the collected data from the various medical functions is synced to an app on your phone and daily reports can even be emailed to your doctor. In addition to the cutting edge health tech, this smartwatch offers the usual functions of call and app alerts, but it doesn’t allow you to talk via the watch itself – our other model, the MX-OPS5, offers that function but doesn’t monitor body temperature. 12 month RTB warranty

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  • DoPods wireless earphones, IPX5 waterproof, 8hr listening time

    Original price was: $179.00.Current price is: $129.99.

    DOOGEE Dopods IPX5 Waterproof HiFi Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with Charging Case, Support Touch Button & Voice Command Function(Black)


    1. Bluetooth v5.0, 10m transmission distance.
    2. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry.
    3. Painting process, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistance, with good touch.
    4. IPX5 waterproof, provides your music for motivation whether you are in gym or rain.
    5. Compatible with iOS and Android system.
    6. 24 hours long lasting, 8 hours playing time.

    1. Chip: Qualcomm QCC3020
    2. Bluetooth version: V5.0
    3. Using time: 6-8 hours
    4. Bluetooth distance: 10m
    5. Speaker: 6mm
    6. Bluetooth profile: HFP, A2DP, HSP, AVRCP
    7. Noise canceling: cVc 8.0

    Package List
    1. Wireless earphones x 1 pair
    2. Charging case x 1
    3. Charging cable x 1
    4. Eartips x 3 pairs
    5. User Manual x 1

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  • G-OPS8 Smartwatch – IP67, Sports modes, ECG, body temp, blood pressure, SpO2, sleep analysis, social media alerts


    You could pay $469 for an Apple Watch SE with NO ECG, SpO2, or body temperature monitoring. In fact, you’d have to pay $729 to get the latest Apple Watch with those features, and Samsung’s top range $869 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro still doesn’t have body temperature or blood pressure.

    In fact, even if you paid $1499 for the new Apple Watch Ultra, you still won’t get blood pressure data.

    The G-OPS8 offers you cutting edge tech at a fraction of the price (and bragging rights over your Apple-wearing mates!) PLUS: it won’t call an ambulance just because it thinks your golf swing resembles a car crash! Apple, on the other hand….

    NOTE: none of these watches, including the G-OPS8, are calibrated to the same precision as professional medical equipment. The data is indicative only and does not replace the need for regular medical checkups. You should consult your doctor if symptoms arise.

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  • Kidsafe NZ 4G VoLTE tracking and health smartwatch, with GPS, video-call, SOS, body temp alert, IP67 splashproof

    Original price was: $279.00.Current price is: $199.00.


    A fantastic back to school safety watch for your children, now with real-time fever monitoring!

    Do you want to stay in touch with your kids but don’t want to give them a full smartphone? Do you want to know if they start to run a fever?

    Kit your children with the Kidsafe 4G VoLTE, a tracking watch smartphone that lets you know where they are, and lets them contact you at the push of a button, or vice versa.

    Works on Spark, Vodafone or 2 Degrees. Requires you to purchase a sim card and mobile plan for your child.

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