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WE DON’T GET A LOT OF REPEAT BUYERS (because their repairable phones bought 4 or 5 years ago are still working ;))

This is not a testimonial page based on TradeMe solicited feedback that gushes over the apparent miracle that a shiny new phone arrived yesterday. The below are genuine emails from customers who’ve been using our phones for years…see the current models here

BV8000 PRO Hi, I purchased this phone from you five years ago. Can I get a replacement screen protector please?

Best, Brett…Havelock North, February 2023

BV9500 Hello Ian,

In October 2018, I purchased a BV9500, which has been a great phone, especially for outdoors and farm work.

It has been bashed about a bit and the plastic screen savers are now very much worse for wear and I wondered if you have new ones available.

I did have the thin one on which came as an extra with the phone but it came off a while ago, and now the thicker plastic one is very scratched and is lifting off.

I wonder if you can help.

Kind regards

Chris B, May 2022

BV8000 My 2018 purchase is still going strong, although it’s not holding its charge longer than 7 hours.
What’s best to acquire/fit a new replacement battery please?
I’m based in Glendowie, Auckland.
Cheers, Chris P, May 2022

BV8000 Hi, Can you please send me a new Charging Cord for my 2017 Blackview BV8000Pro. Address is…
Jim C, May 2022

BV8000 Hi back in 2018 we purchased some of these cell phones [BV8000] and we were wanting to buy another one if that is possible.. Linda C, April 2022

BV8000 Some years ago I purchased a Blackview BV8000 phone from you [May 2018]  – Do you sell or know where I can get a replacement charging chord for the phone?

Regards A.J. R, Tauranga, October 2021

AGM A8 My battery appears to be dead. It stopped being charged, and now the phone won’t turn on. Can you send me a new battery? I’m in Northland, across the covid border. Original invoice # 00160xxx, 24/7/2017. Please supply price including GST and Freight. Neville A, October 2021