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Blackview BV8000 screen protector – nanofilm 1 pack


Nano Membrane Screen Protector
1.Explosion shatterproof
2.Nano-materials, smooth
3.Super durable
4.Not to hurt the hand
5.HD, 99% light transmission
6.Membrane material:TPU elastic material
This is a nano explosion-proof membrane, and not tempered glass film, South Korea materials.
Protects sensitive for your Phone’s touch screen Waterproof,explosion-proof & easily cleaned.
Protect your phone LCD screen against dust and scratches.The self-healing achievement can be reach within short time until the scratches disappear.
1.The new nano-tech film
2.Soft – fit better with mobile phone,and no worry about it get broken on the shipping way or just the second day you receive it.
3.Ultra-thin – a better touch screen sensitivity and smooth operation
4.Explosion proof – protect your phone from accidental knocks, safeguard your phones.


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