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  • Blackview Smartwatch R3 Pro



    Blackview’s new R3 Pro waterproof smartwatch is designed to be worn 24/7 for continuous heart, exercise and sleep monitoring, with the added functionality of push notifications from apps that you choose on your phone. Read text messages on your watch screen, get Facebook notifications and more.

    The phone app that links the watch can provide easily-shared heart rate data for your doctor to assess.

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  • CAMHAWK 4G Solar-powered camouflage security camera

    Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $259.00.


    Whether you need to catch a mailbox thief, monitor your driveway, remote farm shed or holiday home, the weatherproof CAMHAWK NZ/AU security camera is up for the job.

    Solar-powered, so it won’t cost you $30 in new batteries each week, it instantly uploads to a cloud service (optional subscription) so you can monitor on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Alternatively record images/video direct to a TF card (not included).

    The CAMHAWK uses 4G mobile (SIM not included) which means it works wherever you have 4G cell signal.

    Ideal for neighbourhood watch, easily camouflaged, no visible lights to give away the camera’s presence.

    USER TIP: HD photos setting offers best visibility of number plates in combination with low data usage, video uses significantly more storage/data

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