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  • Conquest S20 ATEX 5G – Intrinsically Safe, Android 11, 8/128GB Dimensity 800, Night Vision, 48MP Sony Camera, 8000 mAh


    90% EXPECTED DELIVERY WINDOW: 1-7 working days

    CHIPSET: Dimensity 800 ANTUTU SPEED: 316,000

    The CONQUEST Explosion-proof Phone brings best-in-class technical specifications into the toughest environments with confidence and style. Highly ruggedized, yet elegant and pocket friendly, the intrinsically safe Android CONQUEST Phone guarantees safety, reliability, and top performance in hazardous areas.

    The S20 ATEX is the most advanced intrinsically-safe phone on the market in NZ or Australia. Its Dimensity 800 chipset is light years ahead of the Snapdragon 660 chipsets in much more expensive competitors, and why would you pay $3800 plus GST for an ATEX phone with half the battery capacity and a 12MP camera? The Conquest S20 ATEX 5G, from $2350 plus GST.

    CONQUEST S20 5G Android 11 Global 5G Network IP68/IP69K(MIL-STD-810H) Battery Capacity: 8000mAh 20MP Night Vision Camera SMART PA WIFI Display Dock Charging NFC Infrared remote [NOTE: wireless charging option has been discontinued in this model – disregard older promotional material on this feature]

    [What is ATEX? It’s the European certification standard for equipment that can be safely used around explosive material, like fuel]

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  • Conquest S21 ATEX 5G rugged phone – Intrinsically Safe 8/128GB Dimensity 700, 48MP Sony camera, Dual VoLTE, 4400 mAh


    90% EXPECTED DELIVERY WINDOW: 1-7 working days

    CHIPSET: Dimensity 700
    ANTUTU SPEED: 340,000

    CONQUEST rugged phones bring best-in-class technical specifications to the harshest environments with confidence and style. Highly rugged, elegant and portable, this rugged Android CONQUEST phone ensures safety, reliability and top performance in harsh environments. NOTE: this is the intrinsically-safe ATEX-certified model.

    Cutting-Edge Design

    Android 11
    IP68 Waterproof Polymer
    4400mAh large battery
    5G Network
    Camera: 32MP Front Camera(f/2.2) 48MP Main Camera (f/1.8) 8MP ultra wide-angle rear camera

    Highly Ruggedized Rigid anodized aluminum body
    Reinforced with protective rubber edges for extra protection
    Extreme shock and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass®, glove compatible

    Other features
    USB-C Cable charging, Magnetic Cable charging,Magnetic Dock charging 2035 rated input power
    2W waterproof speaker
    FM (No headphones needed)
    Platform: MT6873, Dimensity 700 2GHz Octa-Core

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