official rugged phones sales/service

Our Promise

  • We don’t sell cheaply-assembled phones from cheap factories (WHY?)
  • We don’t sell phones we can’t repair
  • We will only sell you models we can get parts for
  • We don’t make false claims about our phones (LEARN MORE)
  • We will have official new release models on sale first


There’s no point offering “the cheapest prices” if it means sourcing stock built from cut-price unreliable components or re-used parts from faulty units (you do want a phone that lasts, right?)

There’s no point offering “the biggest selection” of rugged phones if 85% of them are glued shut.

There’s no point offering you a flash new model if there are not actually any parts (like replacement screens, charge ports etc) available for it.

There’s no point selling you a phone that loses connection beyond the city limits.

You’d expect official distributors to have new releases first. It’s proof of who we say we are. If other “official” distributors are weeks behind us, do you think they’re really what they claim?