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G-OPS8 Smartwatch – IP67, Sports modes, ECG, body temp, blood pressure, SpO2, sleep analysis, social media alerts


You could pay $469 for an Apple Watch SE with NO ECG, SpO2, or body temperature monitoring. In fact, you’d have to pay $729 to get the latest Apple Watch with those features, and Samsung’s top range $869 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro still doesn’t have body temperature or blood pressure.

In fact, even if you paid $1499 for the new Apple Watch Ultra, you still won’t get blood pressure data.

The G-OPS8 offers you cutting edge tech at a fraction of the price (and bragging rights over your Apple-wearing mates!) PLUS: it won’t call an ambulance just because it thinks your golf swing resembles a car crash! Apple, on the other hand….

NOTE: none of these watches, including the G-OPS8, are calibrated to the same precision as professional medical equipment. The data is indicative only and does not replace the need for regular medical checkups. You should consult your doctor if symptoms arise.


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