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4G VNZ48 Urban Locator Beacon/Elderly Medical Alarm IP67 waterproof with fall detection


Worried about elderly parents living alone or in care? The VNZ48 Emergency Locator Beacon/Elderly Medical Alarm is half the price of comparable alarms on the NZ market and it provides instant peace of mind (REQUIRES SIM CARD AND MOBILE PLAN) Worn like a watch, the VNZ48 is waterproof so doesn’t need to be taken off. If your loved one suffers a fall and doesn’t respond to the alarm countdown, the VNZ48 will auto-dial three numbers of your choosing until someone responds. It will give you location details and open up an HD voice channel so you can talk directly to your loved one. Additionally, you can set the alarm to alert you if your loved one wanders off (ideal for dementia care). A manual SOS button also allows your parent to summon help if they’re still conscious and have not fallen, while a microphone button provides instant HD voice chat without them needing to ring you. A smartphone app also allows you to remotely monitor health vitals like heart rate and body temperature. The VNZ48 works in NZ cities with cellphone coverage. No need to pay monthly monitoring fees!

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◇ Host specifications Details
◇ Operation system mocor5
* Data type of system 32 bit
◇ Chip platform 9820E
* Main frequency 1.2GHz
* Architecture Dual-core ARM CortexTM A7MP processor
* Core Number Dual-core
◇ Support network frequency GSMWCDMAFDD-LTETDD-LTE
◇Bands combination (NZ model) 4G-FDD: B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 B8 B12 B20 B28A
3G-WCDMA: B1 B2 B5 B8
2G-GSM: B2 B3 B5 B8 
◇ Standby mode Single-card of Nano SIM
◇ Receive diversity Supports
◇ Data rate 2G Data: EDGE
3G Data: DC-HSPA 4.22.2Mbps
4G Data: CAT4
◇ Storage Description
* Chip IC,Supplier PN614G8D2TE-B8BE0,XTX
* RAM ROM 2Gb 4Gb
* External memory cardtype Not support
◇Positioning functions Description
GPS * GPS Supports
Chip module: Main chip internal integrated
GPS signal: L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
GPS channel number: 22 channels
GPS chip scale receiving sensitivity Trace:-165dBm, Capture:-148dBm
GPS accuracy  5-15m
GPS Antenna LDS/ceramic 
* AGPS Supports
AGPS fast position time: Cold boot within 26 sec to locate
LBS * LBS Sim base tracking Supports
LBS accuracy 100-1000M
WIFI  * WiFi Supports
WiFi chip module In built
 WiFi Standard 802.11b802.11g802.11n
WiFi accuracy Depends on Google maps and Gaode maps
◇Other parameters of the mainboard Description
Working Temps  -15~70℃
Working Humidity 5% to 95% nonsolidifying
◇ Special features Description
Ultra-low power consumption  Supports
Location check on the Internet By App or web platform in PC and smart phone
Historical route check Supports
Phone calls Supports
SMS text commands Supports
In-built battery Supports
Blind spot supplement upload Supports
Position drift processing Supports
Lithium battery charging circuit Supports
Lithium battery charging protection Supports
Remote voice monitoring Supports
◇ Structure and appearance Description
◇ Product modeling Clip type tracker
◇ physical dimension 52*42*15mm
◇ Weight 35g
◇ Color options Black/Gold/White
◇ Packaging accessories Description
◇ Host   available
◇ User manual available
◇ Screws and screw driver available
◇ USB cabletype Magnet USB cable
◇ Package type box with top and bottom lid


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